List of Completed Projects:

Online Messenger for internal use inside medical network; allows offline sending messages, chat and videoconference; application also allows saving files on server with a precise destination person, files are always encrypted and decrypted at destination location, downloaded files are automatically opened with associated programs.
Job Spider
The Job Search Engine contains all the required elements needed to find a new job. The program find current job opportunities with companies in all industries and areas; search for articles and books on interviewing techniques and job networking by investigating all jobsites on Internet.
Business Spider
Similar to Job Spider; searches for business and companies.
Search Books
Search Engine for finding certain books for sale on Internet.
Search Engine
Main core of search spiders from above; it is customizable and configurable for different needs.
Query Analyzer
Application that searches certain slogans, phrases on different search engines to see the rating of searching and then verifies if the search has registered trademark.
  Country Business
(Visual C++)

MTS component for connecting/configuring database, strong security for data, possibility of access restriction to database (remote)

(Watcom C)
Programming language for description of neuronal networks; allows run of the program as interpreter or realization of an “exe” file. (crossplatform)
C Compiler
(Watcom C)
C++ compiler developed to permit writing of C++ programs for Z180 microcontroller; high level functions compatible with Dynamic C.
NetMon Monitor for a system with Z180 microcontroller.
PSE-HQ Operating System similar to DOS.
News Contrib
(Microsoft J++)
Application that sends news to specialized server using InfoTech (Data Provider) services.
News Monitor
(Microsoft J++)
Application collects and stores news in a MS-SQL database; Runs as resident application and is able to auto recover in case that connection to news service is broken or computer has problems.
MarketLink Servlet
(java SUN)
Collects and redistributes financial information (Infotec/EAG source) using http streaming; client applet.
(Microsoft Visual C++)
Server application – collects and redistributes financial information (Infotec/EAG source); client applet, servlet or another Catapult Server.
Servlet Chart
(java SUN)
Application analyzes and allows visualization of stock markets (burse), quotations on different time intervals.
(Microsoft J++)
Receive and display financial data and information using COM-DLL technology.
QuoteList Applet Client applet servlet/ catapult for display the stock markets (burse) quotations.
Ticker applet Client applet servlet/ catapult for display the stock markets (burse) quotations. Quotations are moving from left to right or reverse on different customizable speeds in “real-time”
Agora Studio
AGORA STUDIO is a complete software solution enabling dynamic and efficient visual communication to be established. With its exceptional communication potentialities for companies, AGORA STUDIO enables any information to be administered and transmitted in real time on several broadcast transmission sites equipped with AGORA VISION, and therefore management of the transmission of sequences that are organized and planned in time and space.
(Microsoft VB, asp)
Server application that receives information from different points (for example kiosks) and connects to a database. Program analyzes, alarms and pushes information and actions back to connection points (kiosks).
(Microsoft VB)
Secure professional Intranet and Internet browser that is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, it provides the same services: HTML, Java, scripts, Plug-ins, ActiveX, pop up management etc. Its numerous safety functionalities enable it to be used safely in a general public environment (controlled Internet/intranet surfing, obligatory application) by means of a simple and complete configuration screen. In the event of temporary blackouts or if the operating system “crashes”, an “automatic Reset” function enables the terminal and the browser to be restarted. Different options for customizing the user interface are available.
EFIS The Engine and Fuel Instruments System (EFIS) is a panel mounted aircraft multifunction color display, designated for any kind of civil or military aircraft. This equipment is designated to provide to the pilot accurate and fully ergonomic indications refer to all the engine and fuel system parameters. Initially developed for using on aircrafts equipped with turbojet engines, EFIS can be easily adapted for any type of engines. EFIS can be easily reconfigured for simultaneous different parameters indication and monitoring of aircrafts equipped with two, three or four engines, without a very significant increasing of the overall dimensions. Any other development or even upgrading according to the customer requirements is also available.
Tax Reduction Analysis
Program developed for insurance market in USA. Helps agents to present advantages and convince customers to acquire insurances. Superb Flash techniques for the presentation conclude in the end with a report that shows to potential customer how much money could remain in his pocket.
Print Brochures
Client-Server application designated to control number of printed copies for an embedded document.
Subliminal messages encapsulated in Flash ads, movies and websites.
  Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer
(Visual C++ 7.0)
Synchronize PC clock with different atomic clocks using a special algorithm for mediating time from different servers.
Affiliate program Software manages online referral activity, statistics, commissions, accounts, users.
Pay per Click Search Engine PPC Click Search Engine is PHP and MySQL based software. So it is fast and easy to use and install. It can be easily installed using installer script and uses Smarty ( templates, so design can be easily customized. Also it is fully customizable and easy configurable templates for every page, including the search listings, members and admin pages.
Modifications on Radlance II
(freelance site script)
Various modifications and customizations for Radlance program in user/accounts management area and referrals area.
Payment processor The software is completely secure and is based on the power of PHP and MySQL with encryption techniques installed on the authorization modules of the site for complete security of the funds of the users. The extensive admin panel offers an absolute control over the whole website and provides the administrators with complete stats of the activity of the site.
Ad Posting System This is a script for sale posting website based on MySQL and PHP.
Annuity Presentation System

Complete website and e-commerce system.

Search Engine Optimizations For every website we produced and for separate clients we did SEO optimizations and improvements of ranking on search websites.
Cloning ASP to PHP Database and related programming was transferred from ASP to PHP. Extra features were added and original functionality was kept.
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